As a small group of Dominant Ladies, we enjoy getting together, enjoying ourselves, having fun, and are very passionate about ensuring that those with little or no experience are given the best possible introduction to the diverse and wonderful world of BDSM. We embrace the FemDom Sisterhood as a positive, supportive and coherent alliance, and since the early months of 2011 we have held private Multi Mistress Play Parties at various locations around London, as well as abroad.  They developed organically and, as our little group expanded, so have our parties.

Each Domina is unique, there is nobody exactly alike, and there is certainly no comparison.  Individuality, independence, preference and skills define each personality, and between us all there is such a wide variety of interests.

Mistress Absolute
Mistress Aleera
Miss Amy Hunter
Goddess Anastaxia
Princess Bella
Miss Ava Black
Bettie Von Sade
Goddess Cleo
Countess Diamond
Divine Domino
The FoXtress
Ms Hayley Bond
Domina Jemma
Mistress Kalyss Mercury
Mistress Karina
Mistress Katerina
Mistress Krush
Governess Painless
Ms Penelope
Mistress Sandra
Ms Slide
Mistress Sparkly
Mistress Tess
Zara Du Rose

Special Guest Dominas and previous regular Dominas have included:
Lady A (co-founder)
Princess Almighty
Princess April
Goddess Ariel
Madame Asha
Mistress Ava Von Medisin
Mistress Chatterley
Lady Dawn Cane
Mistress Darcy
Mistress Dita Von Domme
Governess Ely
Lady Emily
Mistress Evilyne
The Governess
Princess Jessika
Mistress K of London
Mistress Kiana
Miss Kitty Bliss
Goddess Lexie
Mistress Lola Von J
Miss Mighty
Ms Nikki
Mistress Rebekka Raynor
Lady Sara Borgia
Mistress Satine
Madame Says
Goddess Sophia
Dom Strapon
Ms Tytania


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