Small in stature but completely commanding in nature, do not be fooled by Her petite size – Miss Amy Hunter is a force to be reckoned with.  Hailing from a Corporal Punishment background, She is widely renowned for her accuracy, skill and creativity, and can deliver a hand spanking to rival the use of any implement.  Razor sharp whit, superior intellect, imaginatively sadistic, if you are looking for a mechanical, “one size fits all” dominatrix experience from a jaded glamour model, you’ve completely underestimated this vision of loveliness. But that’s exactly where she has the upper hand….

Commanding your attention without resorting to shouting or unnecessary swearing, Miss Hunter aims to subtly infiltrate your barriers, and overpower you both physically and psychologically.  Partnered with a fondness for inspired role play, there is no limit to the variety of scenarios and situations she can create.  Improvisation is a natural strength, make her inner sadist smile with your ideas and impress her with intelligent, coherent conversation and you may avoid six of the best on your cold bottom.

Are you paying attention?