Full of energy and enthusiasm, don’t be fooled into believing Mistress Sparkly is anything but a Female Dominant. This lady oozes sensuality and style. She loves to seductively tease you with her mind as well as her body, and mesmerize you with a lingering gaze that would melt any true submissive into a crumpled heap at her feet. And ooohh, those feet – they are simply delicious and she thrives on having them worshipped, stroked, kissed and massaged….


Novices and newbies are of particular interest to this wonderful Mistress; her friendly, approachable personality is reassuring to anyone who is nervous about trying BDSM for the first time. Possessing a creative mind, she can also expertly guide you through a powerful psychological as well as physical journey. And all you masochists out there, you will find out just how wonderful it is to be on the end of her cane, whip or flogger, or even be on the receiving end of one of her stinging slaps.

Do you have the balls?