CFNM – Clothed Female, Naked Male is the pure essence of FemDom, and as such, all our events are CFNM-based.  Do you enjoy seeing beautiful, strong women dressed in elegant, sexy, gorgeous clothes? Does it make you feel inferior and give you the urge to drop to your feet before them? You do not deserve to see beautiful women naked do you? Of course not.

You, on the other hand, are just an object for their amusement. You don’t deserve to wear clothes when you are before them. Your body should be exposed and ready for what they have in store for you.

Sound like fun?  Then we definitely have exactly what you’re looking for!  Come along and enjoy any of our events, they are all CFNM (Clothed Female – Naked Male) with the exception of those who opt to cross dress, such as sissies and sluts, and those who wish to indulge in their leather, latex or pvc fetish.  All our events are great for newbies, as well as experienced players, as every party is tailored to suit the level of each attendee, regardless of how much experience they do or do not have, and all limits and boundaries are completely respected.

So go on then, get naked, get on your knees and get ready to entertain these superior, gorgeous, dominant ladies.  You know you want to….

Please note – ALL our parties are CFNM, unless otherwise specified or as detailed above. <- have had to add that for the precious petals who don’t understand that CFNM is not just an event, it is a part of ALL of our events.