The Facility, London – Prison Experience / Role Play Day

Do you fantasise about being jailed, or perhaps you have the desire to experience a complete lockdown, or retained on remand for a short/long term incarceration, overseen by beautiful, stern Duty Wardens…  If you have, then The Facility may very well be exactly your cup of tea!  Imagine being imprisoned behind bars, detained in a cell, kept captive in a cage, locked in an isolation unit, or confined in a cupboard, whilst intermittently being beaten, broken, tormented and quite possibly tortured by gorgeous, strict, Dominant women?  Well here is your chance… Be incarcerated by Goddess Cleo and her beautiful friends, who may decide to hogtie you on the floor, cuff you to the chair, saran wrap you to the bench then sit back to watch you struggle, encase you in a straight jacket if you misbehave, or strap you down to the bed with hospital grade restraints if you attempt to escape…

This event is primarily based around imprisonment, incarceration, isolation, confinement, detention, restraint and complete lockdown.  There may, however, be multiple variations on each activity in order to achieve the desired experience, including but not limited to bondage, caging, saran wrap/cling film, cuffs, chain, collar/leash, straight jacket, shibari, etc, as well as other forms of torture, if the Duty Wardens so desire.

As this is a detention centre, there will be other prisoners present, however you are forbidden to interact with them.  The Duty Wardens go to great lengths to deny any contact, either physical or visual, between all inmates, and blindfolds and/or hoods are utilised during transfers.  Rules are implemented and strictly enforcedwhilst you are on remand – dare to break them at your own risk as it may result in various forms of punishment, all of which are entirely at the discretion of the Duty Wardens (interrogation, CP, takedown, wrestling, CBT, NT, face slapping, spitting, bondage, restraint, just to name a few).

To be completely captivated by the beautiful Duty Wardens, check for Dates and Wardens on duty on the Dates page of this website, then sign up HERE or email

£75 per hour for the first 2 hours (minimum 2 hours)
£60 per additional hour
£250 – half day (4 hours)
£350 – 3/4 day (6 hours)
£400 – full day (8 hours)

There is also the option for overnight incarceration at LockDown in Birmingham, on select dates which will be announced – starting from £450. Please keep an eye out for when that is being offered…

How much can you take, and how long can you handle it?

OPTIONS:  Kidnap/captive scenario available – if you wish to incorporate a kidnapping and/or captive/prisoner scenario, please email us with your enquiry.  We also have ‘day release’ options.

PLEASE NOTE: The Facility is not a high-contact event as per “Double Domme” sessions.  Please be aware that, between rounds, the Duty Wardens will leave you for periods of contemplation from 20 minutes up to an hour during the daytime event, depending on your designated booking times.  The overnight segment is NOT a 12-hour “Double Domme” style session, in fact contact with the Duty Wardens, or any of the ladies present, is restricted as it is based around an evening of you being locked up for the entire time.  There will, however, be some limited interaction at certain intervals, to ensure you are safe, hydrated and comfortable enough to sustain your incarceration for the duration of the evening, and you may suffer torture at their hands.

The earlier start times are reserved for Full Day 8-Hour incarcerations. If you are booking 2 hours or 4 hours you will need to be flexible and start later. If you are unable to start later then book for a Full Day 8-Hour and only stay for the amount of time you are able to stay (ie leave early).

If you are looking to receive more attention, the participating Dominas often hold Double Domme Days – for dates and more details of these you should visit their respective websites.