A delicate balance between virginal innocence, good breeding, and a sadistic twisted mind whose creative cruelty knows no bounds, Miss Ava Black is sensual, seductive and breathtakingly beautiful. Whilst she is most certainly an indulgent sadist and certified bitch, her interests lie first and foremost in power play in all its many forms.

She is cultured enough to realise that persistent and uninvited aggression is neither attractive nor necessary, and she is adept at extracting information from you to better suit her needs. In order to capture and hold her attention for more than a fleeting moment you will need to stimulate her mind and inspire her to utilise her superior intellect.

Miss Ava Black is that terrifying yet exciting dream that jolts you from your sleep, with your pulse racing and your sheets soaking at the mere memory of a dream already fading…

She is, however, very REAL.