Established in May 2012, Domina Parties has introduced hundreds, if not thousands, of kinksters to the wonderful world of fetish and kink, and gained a seamless reputation.  Each and every one of the Dominas involved in our events love nothing more than to introduce newbies to the delights of consensual BDSM, and help novices explore their kinky side in a safe, sane, consensual and enjoyable manner.  They understand how nerve wracking the first time is, and how much apprehension a newbie can feel about attending their first event.  But as so many of the testimonials from previous attendees attest:


“This was my first ever party so walking up to the dungeon i was a bag of nerves but within 30 seconds of being there i wondered why i was worried at all...” – Shane

Lack of experience in a slave/sub is often seen as a disadvantage in the world of FemDom, however the Domina Parties Dominas never discriminate on that basis as it’s something that can be very easily rectified, with a little time and patience (and a fuckload of fun!).  If you’re looking to attend a strapon party because you want to have assgasms, we’d advise you attend an appropriate one-on-one session first in order to be able to maximise your time at the party.  If you’re looking for a fun introduction and having assgasms isn’t as important, then our parties are definitely a great first stop!

“I was fortunate enough to attend the afternoon Strap On party on 5thOctober. All I can say is if you are even contemplating going to one you should take the plunge and go for it; you won’t regret it.” – j

Whether you are a complete newbie, have a little experience that you want to expand on, have taken a break from fet and want to make a comeback, or perhaps you feel you are a seasoned player who maybe just wants to enjoy a multi mistress event, Domina Parties caters to all levels.  And we do it so well!  Visit our Testimonials page and read it all for yourself – there are literally hundreds of personal experience accounts from genuine attendees, and it’s all right there for you to read!

“Some of the best three hours I’ve experienced. If you’re even slightly curious about the parties, then it’s pretty much a given you should take the plunge. Under the mindful ministrations of Goddess Cleo, there’s no reason to feel inhibited. Go for it!” – ziggy

Our Domina Party details for newbies are:

BEGINNERS – Don’t worry, the ladies will look after you for your first time, taking it nice and gentle, warming you up at your own pace. Make sure you have a read of our Testimonials HERE to put your nerves at ease.
NOVICES – Again, the ladies are all experts at putting you at ease. Our Testimonials page has hundreds of Testimonials from REAL attendees, click HERE to see what they have to say.
EXPERIENCED – You will also be very well catered for. Never had an assgasm? You’re best to book a session first. Think you can keep up with the ladies? Challenge accepted!!
HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE? – Let us show you what BDSM play is supposed to be like. It should be fun, pleasurable, and with a skilled Top, will likely lead to the most amazing subspace experience – just read our testimonials and decide for yourself whether a party or a session is what might work best for you….


In Goddess Cleo’s own words attending one of these parties as an almost complete novice was ‘a big leap off faith’, but a leap that I am so pleased I made! I spent a good few minutes standing round the corner from the discrete apartment block that was the venue for the party, absolutely petrified about what I was about to encounter; almost to the point of turning round and going home; I didn’t though and it turned out to be one of most amazing afternoon / evenings I have ever had!” – sb

So don’t let your nerves stop you from potentially having one of the most amazing experiences of your life…