Dr Bedlam – The Asylum

The Asylum, Birmingham – Daytime Medical Trials (or that’s what we’re telling everyone!)

It’s been rumoured that the Chief Medical Officer at Birmingham’s Royal Military Institute of Biological Research is a mad doctor who conducts secret medical experiments on the local prison inmates. So far it’s only a rumour, it’s yet to be proven…

An Exhilarating Journey into the Depths of Medical Marvels and Madness

Dare to step into the shadowy corridors of Birmingham’s “Royal Military Institute of Biological Research”, where the boundary between genius and madness blurs under the guidance of the notorious Dr. Bedlam. This one-of-a-kind event, dubbed “The Asylum,” invites the bravest souls to experience a world where medical and dental fears are not only confronted but twisted into a spectacle of exhilaration, terror and wonder.

The Mastermind of Madness

At the heart of The Asylum, Dr. Bedlam, the Chief Medical Officer, reigns supreme. Known for her radical experiments and unorthodox methods, Dr. Bedlam has turned her genius to her shadows, drawing from the depths of the local prison population to find subjects for her latest medical experiments. With her loyal assistants by her side, they push the boundaries of science and sanity, delving into procedures that are as horrifying as they are fascinating.

Experience Fear Like Never Before

The Asylum is not just an event; it’s an immersive journey into the darkest corners of medical and dental fear play. Participants will navigate through meticulously designed scenarios that blend fiction with a touch of reality, creating an environment where your deepest fears are brought to life with an artistic flair. From the chilling sound of a drill to the sight of medical instruments that seem to come from another era, every detail is crafted to elevate your heart rate and ignite your imagination.

A Safe Space to Explore the Edges of Fear

While The Asylum revels in the portrayal of medical and dental terrors, we are committed to creating a safe and controlled environment for all participants. Our events are entirely fictional and exaggerated for artistic effect, ensuring a thrilling yet secure experience. Whether you’re an aficionado of fear play or simply curious about the world of medical mysteries, The Asylum offers a unique space to explore the exhilarating side of terror.

Join Us If You Dare

Prepare to embark on a journey where fear and fascination collide. The Asylum awaits those bold enough to face the unknown and experience the thrill of Dr. Bedlam’s world. Will you emerge unscathed, or will the experience haunt your dreams? There’s only one way to find out.

Step into the madness. Step into The Asylum.

Please be advised, this event is based around medical and dental fetish and fear play activities, the portrayal of which will be entirely fictional and exaggerated for artistic effect. With that in mind, we do attempt to avoid any depiction of real-life individuals or scenarios… Sort of!

The Asylum is based around fear play, and as an add-on to the Lockdown Prison Role Play Day it is an additional cost. Attendees should sign up for either Full Day 8hrs Lockdown or 3/4 day 6hrs Lockdown option in order to attend The Asylum as an add-on, nominate how much of that time they would like for The Asylum, and add this cost in addition to the Lockdown Prison Role Play Day.

For a list of potential activities, please visit THIS PAGE.

There are only extremely limited spaces available. Sign up HERE to be completely “traumatised”, or you are welcome to email dominapartiesMDL@gmail.com if you you have any questions that cannot be answered by reading the info on the website. (Please also bear in mind March 2024 is the first time holding this event, so we cannot predict anything. You’ll just have to attend and find out!)

Add-On Options for Lockdown Attendees:
£50 – 1 hour
£100 – 2 hours
£200 – 4 hours

If you wish to attend only the Asylum as a stand-alone event, we are also offering the following options:

Stand-Alone Event Options:
£300 –  2 hours
£400 –  3 hours
£500 –  4 hours
£600 –  5 hours
£700 –  6 hours

We will not be held responsible for any possible side effects, extra limbs or multiple additional fingers or toes. Just kidding!

Step into the madness…


IMPORTANT:  The Asylum does not begin until 12pm at the eariest. The earlier start times are reserved for Stand Alone Attendees who are doing 4 hours or more, and Day 8-hour Lockdown attendees. If you just wish to do 2 or 3 hours, please expect to start a bit later.

PLEASE NOTE:  Whilst LockDown is not a high-contact event, The Asylum is a little more hands-on but there will also be periods of time where you will be left under observance of the Medical Assistant.  The staff on duty will ensure you are safe, hydrated and comfortable enough to sustain your time as a patient, and for the duration of the day.

All limits are respected, and requests will be considered.

AND FINALLY: For the benefit of those who still aren’t sure what happens at a LockDown, Birmingham and The Asylum event day, this will be the first one ever held and it is exactly what is states on the tin – Prison / asylum / detention centre / hospital and the activities on offer are decided based on attendee’s limits and boundaries.  All confirmed attendees are sent forms to fill in and return ahead of the events, in which they are asked to list their preferred activities in priority order (favourites first), as well as their limits/boundaries, and health. Every activity undertaken is within each attendees limits and boundaries. So if you don’t want to be put into a straight jacket – That’s not a problem, simply state that on your form and you won’t be put into a straight jacket. Once you list your preferences, it is then entirely up to the attending Dominas as to which activities they indulge you in (as per the information on your form!). Read the testimonials to get a feel for how much fun you’re likely to have!

If you are looking to receive more attention, the participating Dominas often hold Sessions and Double/Triple Domme Days – for dates and more details of these you should visit their respective personal websites.