The Asylum, Birmingham – Activities On Offer!

If you are taken away to The Asylum, you will have been under observation of Dr Bedlan, and identified as being “mad and in need of some of the Doctor’s new and experimental treatments”. A selection of which are listed below, some may be extreme, but they all have their place – to cure your unsettled mind. Trust the process!

*Branding – Utilising cautery pen or other cruel implements.
*Breath Play – using various items. The Mad Doctor will absolutely take your breath away.
*Blood Play – Blood letting. Highly recommended to release the ‘bad’ blood away from you.
*Castration Play – To make you compliant.
*Catheter, Drain and Bladder Wash – Denial to let your full bladder to drain.
*CBT – Just because this is very good for the Mad Doctor’s well being.
*Cupping – Suction of different areas of the body. Recommended for improved circulation.
*Dental Exploration – Fear play on a whole other level!
*Electro Stimulation – Estim, Erostek and Violet Wand. Electrics are so good for rejuvenation of the mind!
*Enemas – We have a variety of different liquids to choose from. Or let the Mad Doctor choose…
*Gags – If the Doctor wishes to shut you up, or just to make you drool.
*Gas Masks – With controlled breathing devices. Also to control the mind.
*Heat and Cold Treatments – Highly recoommended for relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind.
*Latex, Latex, Latex!
*Medical Bondage – Mummification, Medical Restraints, Straight Jacket, Hoods.
*Mind Fucks and Fear Play – Various! The Mad Doctor and Assistants can be VERY creative…
*Needles – In various locations. Great for sensation and pain. Remember that pain is good for the soul.
*Nipple Experimentation – How much can yours take?
*Prostate Examination – Your prostate will be given a very thorough examination at the Assylum…
*Scrotal saline infusion – Make those balls grow! The heavy feeling between your legs can make you feel very excited.
*Sensory Deprivation – Blindfolds, Ear Defenders.
*Sensory Play – Using a selection of Medical Tools and Instruments.
*Sounding – Opening up the urethral tube.
*Staples – For sensations, or to accompany other treatments, or maybe simply to create art.
*Tease – And denial.
*Watersports – delivered in a variety of ways. Can be served hot or cold.

For all the weird and wacky prospective patients, any of these treatments can be tailored to attract the more bizarre medfet lovers!

All limits and boundaries are respected. There will be a thorough communication before any attendance is approved. Please do not attend if you have a medical phobia and are looking for a way to get over it – this is not an appropriate avenue to deal with that.

Please Note – For these Asylum days, patients are all held in a communal room. The room comprises of multiple attendees, and this means you may observe other patients being experimented on, or you may yourself be observed by other patients. Hoods can be provided, however you must request these in advance.

If you are looking to receive more attention, the participating Dominas often hold Sessions and Double/Triple Domme Days – for dates and more details of these you should visit their respective personal websites.