Frequently Asked Questions…..

Q)  How long does each party last?
A)  Usually they are set for 3 hours (unless otherwise stated), but even then a 3 hour party can run anywhere between 2 hours to 4 hours, depending on which party it is and how many attendees there are.  For example a CFNM or a Multi Mistress Play Party is allocated 3 hours unless otherwise advised. A Strap On Party lasts about 3 hours, depending on the number of attendees, and how quickly the Dominas wear them all out.  Chix VIP doubles parties are 2 hours.  Less attendees = shorter party time, because let’s face it, the attendees get worn out… ?

Q)  Which Dominas will be at the parties?
A)  Generally the Dominas who are listed on the Dates page as attending will attend that particular party, however sometimes the complete Domina attendance isn’t finalised until closer to the party date (as in the night before), or there may be an extra Domina attending that is not announced.  Occasionally life does get in the way, but if a Domina or two may need to pull out, we do our best to replace her with an equally fabulous and talented Domme.

Q)  How many Dominas and slaves will be there?
A)  This depends on the party but the targeted maximum ratio of Dominas to slaves is 1:2 to keep it smaller and more intimate (so a Multi Mistress party with three Dominaswill have a maximum attendance of six slaves).

Q)  What is the dress code?
A)  Unless the party has a CFNM or Cross Dressing theme, you will be expected to strip to at least your underwear (so c’mon, ensure yours is clean and lacking in holes!) or you may bring an outfit of your choice.  At our Multi-Mistress Play Parties you subs may attend naked if you wish, depending on the venue – sometimes venues have to abide by their licensing laws.  If CFNM is what you’re into, please speak up at the time of the party, and the hosts will let you know if that is appropriate for the venue.

Q)  Is it ok if I’m a complete newbie?
A)  Why wouldn’t it be?  ABSOLUTELY YES!  Of course it is, we encourage this!  And well done for taking this first step.  Take a look at our Newbies page if you need some reassurance, the ladies look forward to giving you a lovely introduction to a wonderful new world…. Welcome to the dark side!

Q)  Would it be better to attend a strapon party first, or would a strapon session be better to do first?
A)  This all depends on what sort of experience you’re looking for.  If your aim is to achieve assgasms but you’ve never had them before, then it’s best to book a newbies pegging session first so that you can be activated, which will maximise your enjoyment for the party.  If you’re a seasoned assgasm afficionado or just looking to sample strapon and have some fun with different Dominas present, then a party is ideal for that, but please note – if you’ve never had them, the Dominas cannot guarantee to be able to get you to your first assgasm during a party as it’s a completely different set up compared to a one-on-one session.

Q)  Does my age impact my attendance at your parties?
A)  Short answer = NO!  At previous parties we have had attendees varying in age from 19 to 94, as long as you can provide proof if requested, we do not discriminate based on age (strictly over 18 though), nor on colour, culture, country of origin, sexual orientation, level of experience, any disability, or anything else…..

Q)  Can I wear a mask?
A)  Yes of course!  If you have one then simply bring it along.  Masks are not supplied by Domina Parties, you will need to bring your own.  A mask probably isn’t necessary though, remember you’re all in the same boat here, but if it’s a fetish of yours then absolutely go for it!

Q)  Where will the party be held?
A)  This is entirely dependent upon each individual party and the number of attendees.  Non-specific venue details for each party can usually be found on the Dates page, however most party venues are not confirmed until a clear indication of numbers is available (usually only a few days before the party).  We are unable to predict attendance numbers – our crystal ball is broken…

Q)  When will I be sent the address?
A)  Address, directions and any other instructions are usually sent out the evening prior to the day of the event, and only to those who have paid in advance.  Sometimes they are sent out two days before, or when ever the event is fully booked.

Q) What happens during a party?
A)  That depends completely on which type of party is taking place.  Generally there is some social time at the start as the Dominas need to get to know the attendees, familiarise themselves with the attendees’ limits/boundaries, as well as any medical or physical limitations that may restrict potential play.  The play and/or games commence once everyone is comfortably informed and warmed up, and towards the end of the time, some play requests may be indulged.  Before you know it, time is up and you’ll wish you had longer to play!

Q)  What sort of play is there with the Dominas at the party?
A)  How long is a piece of string?  Realistically, unless the party is themed (eg a strap-on party), then if there is some type of play that you like, and it is within the attending Dominas personal limits and available equipment, then there is a good chance of it happening.  Each party is as different as the attending Dominas and slaves are, because each kinkster has their own personal preference.

Q)  Can I bring some of my own toys?
A)  Of course you can – and we encourage this!  Feel free to bring any personal tools, toys or equipment that you may like to use at the party – just remember to take them with you at the end of the party.

Q)  What happens if I don’t like an activity that I’m allocated, what can I do?
A)  All play is strictly kept within each submissives’ limits and boundaries, if you are allocated an activity that you know you don’t enjoy all you need to do is communicate this to one of the Dominas so that an alternative activity can be allocated.

Q)  I’ve never played in a group setting before, will I enjoy it?
A)  Everyone is different – some enjoy the comradeship that evolves among a group of submissives and this often happens at our parties, whereas some people aren’t as comfortable to play in front of others.  If you’re unsure, then there probably isn’t a better place to try it out than at a Domina Party or a Fetish Club.  For a list of recommended Fetish Clubs please see our Links pages.  London Lock Up is more about solitary confinement with a bit of play thrown in so could also be a good way to start.

Q)  Will I be forced to service other members of the party without protection, or can I be a cumdump, as per my fantasies?
A)  Not without consent all round.  Safe, sane, consensual……. Respect is paramount.

Q)  What if what I really want to hear (fantasise about) is that you will “force” me to do things, even when I say no….?  Because that’s part of my ultimate fantasy.
A)  You need to communicate this in your initial contact, however we are not here to indulge you by email.  At our parties, everything is consensual, hygienic and safe, and saying the global safe word “RED” stops all play….. Full-stop.

Q)  What about hygiene?
A)  All the Dominas and service slaves involved in our parties take hygiene very seriously.   All equipment is cleaned with hospital grade anti-bacterial wipes and where necessary also sterilised before the party.  During the party each item is cleaned after each use with hospital grade anti-bacterial wipes, and disposables are utilised wherever possible.  Gloves, condoms, anti-bacterial wipes and anti-bacterial hand gel are always provided and used at our parties.

Q)  Is there photography or filming at Domina Parties?
A)  No, the parties are not filmed unless there is a specific party where it has been advertised as being filmed.  Photography is not allowed at any of the parties EXCEPT where a Domina has the consent of the person in the photo and ONLY to show that person what they look like i.e. when tied in rope – in this instance the photo is then deleted immediately unless the attendee gives explicit consent that it may be kept.  Attendees are not allowed to take photos.

Q)  What is the Cancellation Policy?
A)  Standard cancellation policy – for an attendee pulling out of attending a party when the time frame is outside of 48 hours prior to the start of the party, we offer either a full refund or transfer to another party date. Cancellation within 48 hours, there is no refund as all the arranging has been done. Extreme circumstances may be considered. If a party is cancelled, we offer either a full refund or transfer to another party date.

This cancellation policy does not apply to events once they are marked as being FULLY BOOKED – once an event is fully booked, it is taken off the market, and attendance fees are no longer refundable.  More details can be found at the bottom of this page.

Q)  Can I drink during the party?
A)  We endeavour to keep everyone well-hydrated, however alcohol is generally not consumed by attendees during the parties aside of a welcome drink, which is usually for the Dominas.  We aim to play responsibly, so if you are unable to play without alcohol then our parties are unfortunately probably not for you…

Q)  Can I take drugs at the party?
A)  Absolutely not!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation from an attendee within 48 hours of the start time is subject to a charge of the full attendance fee.
Cancellation within 48-72 hours before the start time of the party will incorporate the attendance fee to transfer to another party date.
Cancellation prior to 72 hours before the start time of a party will receive a full refund or the option to transfer to another party date.  In the event of the organisers changing or cancelling, a FULL refund will apply. These policies may be subject to change at any time.

This cancellation policy does not apply to events once they are marked as being FULLY BOOKED – once an event is fully booked, it is taken off the market, and the attendance fee is NOT refundable.  (We will, however, try our best to fill the space and give that attendance fee to the cancelling attendee, but there is no guarantee of this happening).

Cancellations must be received by email from the same email address that the booking was made with.

The attendance fee is non-refundable for events held outside of London.  Extenuating circumstances may warrant a transfer to an alternative date, at the discretion of the organiser.