A natural born alpha female, Mistress Sandra thrives on perfection and expects her slaves to measure up and meet her high standards.  She is a woman in charge, and as a Dominatrix she loves to push limits, whether you are a novice, a masochist or a highly experienced kinkster. Her style is constantly evolving, and her range of skills reaches from soft and sensual, through to humiliating role play, and all the way to the other end of the spectrum to include extreme scenarios such as whipping, ball busting and harsh corporal punishment.

Not only does she possess a stunning hourglass figure, but behind that deceptively sweet smile she has a powerful mind and a beautifully sadistic creative streak which, when initiated, will take you on an exciting journey through another world….   No challenge too small, playing with Mistress Sandra assures a fulfilling and mutually satisfying experience. Take a ride through your unexplored fantasies of delight and debauchery – you will be begging to come back for more.

Will you be up for the challenge?