English, well spoken, piercing blue eyes, creative kinky mind….

Mistress Aleera welcomes you to Her lair! Give yourself to her totally, utterly, completely. Her nature is equal parts seductive and sadistic, and yet you will find Her a most kind and gentle Dominatrix, whilst also being the most powerful and relentless creature you will ever know.

From newbies with little or no experience, to novices who are looking to explore, as well as the more hard core seasoned fetishist with boundary-pushing desires… Mistress Aleera will be your mentor, your guide, the leader of the pack. Join Her on an unrivalled journey through BDSM, come along and create an experience you will remember fondly for a very, very long time.  Alpha Female, Natural Leader and Professionally trained in the art of Dominant Power Exchange and BDSM, Mistress Aleera has the experience, the patience, the creative mind, everything that you have been looking for…. Kneeling at Her feet will feel so natural and easy for you.

You will want to please Her, and you won’t even understand why.  This is where your journey begins…..