Governess Painless

Her features are highly refined and Her taste is impeccable – all the way down to Her deliciously, soft size 2 feet that were just made to be worshipped.   But don’t be deceived by Her petite stature or Her name – as a lover of irony Governess Painless is a strong black woman with a truly dominant presence.  Mental domination is definitely another of Her specialties; She’ll hone in on, and exploit the subtlest of inadequacies, do you dare to betray your weaknesses in front of Her?

Governess Painless will smirk at you whilst you flinch or scream out, never failing to surprise, seduce and beguile you, sinking Her hooks into you so deeply, you will beg Her to push just a little further, never to stop.  And whilst Her inner sadist enjoys beating any true masochist to a pulp, taking the heart, body and soul on a dark and deviant journey, she also delights in bringing them back with the softest, most sensual of caresses and whispering delightfully in their ear.  You won’t be able to decide whether She is a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare…

She loves what She does, and so will you.