Formal Slave Training

If high protocol service is something you have only ever dreamed of learning, then this party is for you. You will be taught how to greet and address a Domina, how to kneel, how to stand, and how you are expected to act when in the presence of a Mistress.

There is advice on the correct standards of behaviour in different situations, how to present yourself to other submissives, how to perform well in a team as well as individually, and when to show initiative. Presentation and chivalry are just as important as knowing how to serve a drink, pull out a chair, open a car door, clean tools and toys, give a good foot rub or polish shoes properly….

Each attendee will then be given the chance to put what they’ve learnt into practice and show the Dominatrices exactly how thoroughly they have listened. And if you don’t learn to serve properly, you can expect to stand in the corner if you are lucky, or potentially receive the cane if you are not…